[bf1942] Patch news

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Wed Sep 21 20:56:38 EDT 2005

"'Dolphin Diving' does look pretty wierd, i agree, we are keeping an eye on
this issue and may address it in an upcoming patch"

Pout..  no fix on bunnyhopping..  losers.

"#15 why is the game so big? isnt it a known fact less yet organised code is
easier to maintain and contains less bugs?
You're probably right, but if we didn't make Battlefield BIG, it wouldn't be

LOL,  If you learned to OPTIMIZE CODE, you wouldn't be EA!

"#16 what are the main fixes in this patch?
I think one of the more popular ones will be that players have to get out of
a Blackhawk to capture a flag. Now in a full Blackhawk only the pilot counts
in the flag capture raduis."

The real reason that its taking 6 months for a patch..

"#35 In the new patch, can a person chance nickname, or maybe just clan tag!
You will ba able to add a 6 character prefix"


"#47 which IDE are you using for developing? MS Visual Studio?

Ooops, that's the REAL reason its taking 6 months and the code isn't

Well, enough of my quips and gripes.  Anyone else?

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