[bf1942] Custom maps on Linux?

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Sun Sep 4 18:24:43 EDT 2005

Yea, and EA's killing the game, so I expect that people
will get tired of even maintaining empty unregistered servers.

Why chew up a bunch of CPU on a unused server.

Pick up this months PCGamer. Lists the FPS's of 2006.
BF2 may be wasted, but there is more to come, and they
are not all owned by EA (or as stupid).  I believe EA is
blazing a new trail, that will come to an end sooner than
later. Sad thing about EA pulling strings now at Valve
is if they touch HalfLife, we could see them kill off the
number one, by far, FPS online.

BF2 was the first game to break the "Graphic card barrier"
forcing people to upgrade. Many won't, but they will soon
as the barrier has been breached.

We all bought in to it.  But with upcoming titles, if
it is structured like BF2 Registered vs. Unregistered,
I won't even buy it never the less support it.

Fool me once shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

At 03:04 PM 9/4/2005, you wrote:
>Nevermind.  I figured it out on my own.  That ranked provider listserv has 
>really taken a bite out of the traffic to this list, huh?
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