[bf1942] Custom maps on Linux?

Webmaster webmaster at brenthoard.com
Sun Sep 4 15:04:04 EDT 2005

Nevermind.  I figured it out on my own.  That ranked provider listserv 
has really taken a bite out of the traffic to this list, huh?

Anyay, here's the lowdown for the other folks in the same situation as 
me. (I wasn't aware of the *.desc file in the info directory.... so that 
hosed me up.)

1) Rename the map folder to all lower case (just like BF1942).
2) Rename the Server.zip to server.zip
3) Rename the Info directory to folder
4) Inside of the info directory, rename the *.desc file to lowercase 
(should be identical to name in item #1, above).
5) Now use 'mapList.append "map_name" gpm_cq #' as normal

Webmaster wrote:

> Sorry for the stupid question, but does anyone know of some good 
> documentation on installing custom maps onto a linux server?  I can't 
> see to get the server to recognize their existance (specifically, I'm 
> talking about the maps in the TotalBF2.com mappack).
> Thanks in advance.

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