[bf1942] Well EA, at least you tried.

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Wed Oct 5 10:28:34 EDT 2005

Personally, I give up.

Every patch so far has left me in the dust with "memory Sanity checks"

The last patch caused me to take a week long hiatus from BF2.. I think this
one will cause me to sell my copy.

Its unfortunate that EA can't seem to get their shit together, but not

EA even went so far as to lock the UK forums.. I guess they didn't want all
the "this is no good" talk again.

Ahh well..  Good luck to the rest of you.

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So I'm not sure how many actual bugs got fixed.  I can see a few
enhancements, I can hear a few enhancements, for sure.

I can see a bunch of things suddenly broken that previously worked
properly though.

I can see myself being unable to select spawn points on the map because
your coords are offcenter.  I can no longer run and hit tab to view the
scoreboard at the same time.  I can't say Yes or No with PageUp and
PageDown while running anymore.  (Yep, I use a very non-standard set of

Cheers for not including a "Don't bother me with your propoganda"

It's great how exiting a fixed gun sometimes doesn't work.

It probably doesn't matter if I'm ringing the LAV out in second gear up
a hill, but constantly changing it back to third, and back to second,
thats just annoying.  And me, with my spindly, starved little soldier
legs - if I can climb a hill, you'd think a tank could, wouldn't ya?

At least a vehicle can drive past now without ripping my limbs off!

It's awesome how relatively inexperienced players have most weapons
unlocked now.  I suppose this is the BF2 way of ruining an online
'economy'.  Maybe we had too many NCO's?

It's impressive that the netcode appears to be worse now, though this
could be a harsh call given only a couple hours of play.

I distinctly remember helicopters being efficiently removed from the sky
over Afghanistan at the hands of ONE rpg.  Hell, why not make them
bulletproof superstructures flown by immortal soldier-gods?

The knife I'm carrying isn't 6 feet long, but it sure cuts like it is.

It's staggering that (in my case) the linuxded server install package
thinks PB is working just fine but all clients get booted, yet the
previous version worked fine.  But hey, I could be missing something
there, it's only been a few hours.  Maybe my host-based firewalling has
tripped me up.  I'll check before I start whining, oh wait...

But it's late, and I could go on forever.

In summary, I'm utterly stunned.

You guys tested this, right?


Counting the days till the next patch,


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