[bf1942] Server requirements

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Mon May 23 07:18:43 EDT 2005

Hi Andreas,

I just wanted to follow this up with a quick couple of questions since
we're almost ready to  order the servers:

> I can say is that the Dual-opteron machine with 2 GB of memory 
> , that AF was talking about, can more then well handle 64 players.

We've pretty much decided to go for Opterons. Our main concern is
figuring out which CPU-power to opt for. What CPUs did you have in that
machine of yours? 248 (2.2GHz), 250 (2.4GHz) or 252 (2.6GHz)? And how
much of a single CPU's processing power is used for a full 64-man server?

Simply put: Will the 248 give a really nice and smooth experience with
two 64-player servers on one machine, or do we need a 250 or even a 252?

Einar, Kybber @ Battlefield.no

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