[bf1942] New Servers

Jon Wolberg jon at defenderhosting.com
Fri May 20 21:07:37 EDT 2005

That's funny, I dont remember signing any sort of NDA?

If you are an Equinix Ashburn customer, i've probably seen you once or 
twice.  One of my many jobs is doing remote hands for customers in Equinix 
Ashburn who want someone more experienced and cheaper than Equinix DumbHands 
to work on their equipment.

Besides, EA obviously wasnt concerned.

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Uh - Arent you violiating equinix toa/nda's by even discussing this?
Im an ashburn customer, and id sure as hell not like you publishing my

On 5/19/05, Michael Ressen <netadmin at michiganburbs.com> wrote:
> Stewart, John wrote:
> >>Today they were installing roughly 100 Dell 1850s.  I was
> >>chatting wtih one
> >>of em and he said they are all for public/stat servers for BF2 :)
> >
> >
> > Running Windows or Linux? =)
> >
> > johnS
> dont joke like that.   I begin to get a warm feeling, then it disappears
> quickly when reality sets in.
> /ba

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