Regarding "spam" on this list

Frode H panic at
Tue May 17 06:51:00 EDT 2005

InCisT wrote:
>I mean up until we get a working piece of software what else do we have to discuss?

As you might have noticed, emails on this list have allready
helped clearing up a few things. Suggestions and inquiries 
have been made to Andreas II. and some he has responded
to, and some we're awaiting response to.

Remember, this is our ONLY direct communication with
anyone inside Dice. We should treassure that, and respect
that Andreas is a busy man right now. And in my oppinion
that includes keeping it free from this kind of nonsense.

And yes, I consider this discussion about what you all pay
for you internet connections nonsense in this context.

Andreas may not read email on this list every day, or not even
every week. Lots of good postings may easily drown in this
.... spam if we keep it up.

So I would urge all of you to keep your posts technical and to
the point. That way Andreas might actually get to read all of it.

And we might actually get to continue to influence the 
development of our favourite game.

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