[bf1942] Since we now have our new Andreas ;)

Frode H panic at battlefield.no
Fri May 6 11:56:27 EDT 2005

>I can't argue with you on that! You are perfectly right.
Ah...I needed to hear that! (Rough day at work :-p )

>I won't make any promises(as usual :)), but your ideas will
>  be kept in mind when for later patching.
The fact that you even *listen* to us (or me this time) means a
lot. Most of us run servers as a hobby, on our spare time. And
it cost us a lot of time and money to do so. So getting the
feeling that you good people at Dice actually value us and
listens to us means a great deal. So thank you! :-D

It has not allways been that way, as I suppose you know :-)

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