[bf1942] Since we now have our new Andreas ;)

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at dice.se
Fri May 6 10:39:12 EDT 2005

I can't argue with you on that! You are perfectly right.

I won't make any promises(as usual :)), but your ideas will be kept in
mind when for later patching.



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>I'm afraid BF2 does not support any of that. :/
>Apperently, they thought about it, but felt that it would steal to much
>bandwidth from the server and affect the game-experience for the others
>on the server.
That issue could have  been handled by a configuration for 
max bandwith usage per download slot, and max number of 
download slots, couldn't it? Action item for later patch...? :-)

>The redirect feature would have solved that I guess, but we do not have
>time to implement that now. Sorry!
Also an action item for later patch? This solution would be
the preferred one I guess. For people (like us at Battlefield.no)
wich have a file server where we put all this stuff.

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