[bf1942] BF2 linux server at launch

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at dice.se
Wed May 4 05:45:01 EDT 2005

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Subject: Re: [bf1942] BF2 linux server at launch

> Welcome aboard, Andreas!

Thanks :)

>I think you'll find this group to be a reasonable, if not well capable 
>group that can really provide some signifigant benefits to the program 
>in terms of ideas, beta testing/bug reporting (yes, we like this), and 
>feature enhancements.

Sounds great!

>Also would like to echo Steve's comment regarding BSD binaries.   Would

>be most welcome if something was done in that area.

I will most likely not have the time to do a native port, but I will
install FreeBSD here and see how things work out with the Linux ABI that
Steven was talking about.


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