[bf1942] BF2 linux server at launch

Aubrey King aking at gblx.net
Tue May 3 15:56:03 EDT 2005

Here's another oddball question that I bet I know the answer to.  Can we 
expect to see a sparc-linux binary?  I've found in some testing that 64 
bit sparc linux seems to handle services faster than intel, but compiles 
slower.  Of course, that would kill the openmosix idea. :)

Aubrey King
Systems Administrator II
IP Systems Engineering
Global Crossing, Ltd.

On Tue, 3 May 2005, Michael Ressen wrote:

> Steven Hartland wrote:
>> Not strictly true, it should run just fine under FreeBSD like all other
>> servers ( Linux ABI ) just would have been nice to see a native port :)
>> Does the BF2 server remove the process recreation on map change?
>> This was / is a pain for BF.
>> Is it too early to ask for a set of sample config files / command line
>> options? I ask as I know this was an area that was a bit lacking
>> in the initial BF version so always good to get our hands on them to
>> see if there are anything's missing :)
>> Steve / K
> ....And possibly a binary to test on?   Although a native BSD port would be 
> the most desired option, we will need to test the linux binary against the 
> various linux compats for BSD.   We have found in the past certain ones work 
> well, and some do not work at all.   Andreas F was good to us in the regard 
> that he would compile the binaries to be able to run under BSD's linux emu.
> This will be a pretty big issue, as evidenced by the forum threads at 
> bf1942.lightcubed.com - many admins seek BSD support.
> /BA

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