[bf1942] BF2 linux server at launch

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Tue May 3 11:25:52 EDT 2005

Hi Andreas. Is it a requirement to be called Andreas to work on the
linux server at Dice or just a kooky coincidence :)
Anyway I know there where murmurings a while back of FreeBSD
binary as well as Linux one, is this still on the cards?
    Steve / K
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From: "Andreas Andersson" <andreas.andersson at dice.se>

> I asked the new Linux maintainer to announce himself on this list but
> he hasn't done so yet. I'll leave that to him rather than doing it
> myself and spoiling all the fun..

I'm sorry! It seems that I forgot :)

So here we go then!

My name is Andreas Andersson. I'm the one that is supposed to fill
Andreas Fredrikssons linux-shoes here at DICE and BF2. Which I suspect
will be pretty tricky to do, even though my feet are really big :) But
I'll sure do my best!

I've used Linux on and off for about 7 years or so. Used Slackware in
the beginning but switched to Gentoo later on. I consider myself to have
a fair knowledge how stuff works around linux. But I can't really
compare myself to Andreas F in that regard. If you find something in the
server when it's released that you don't like, just yell at me and I'll
do what I can to fix it! :)

As far as the state of the server goes I can say that the linux-server
was spinning on nicely when Andreas F left about a month ago, and it
still is! He left it in such a nice state that there has hardly been any
issues with it for me to fix :)

Well that's it, just ask if there's anything else that you want to know!

Yours truly,
/Andreas A

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