[bf1942] BF2 No maps in maplist. Please add atleast one map, or use +loadLevel command

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Thu Jun 30 16:11:17 EDT 2005

I suspect its not loading the file what's ur server command line?
and where is the file exactly including name ( case is important )

    Steve / K
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From: <patrick at fragzzhost.com>
hi all

i get this error

 No maps in maplist. Please add atleast one map, or use +loadLevel command 

i have the folowing in the maplist.con 

mapList.append gulf_of_oman gpm_cq 32
mapList.append dragon_valley gpm_cq 32
mapList.append dalian_plant gpm_cq 32
mapList.append daqing_oilfields gpm_cq 32
mapList.append songhua_stalemate gpm_cq 32
mapList.append mashtuur_city gpm_cq 32
mapList.append zatar_wetlands gpm_cq 32
mapList.append fushe_pass gpm_cq 32
mapList.append operation_clean_sweep gpm_cq 32
mapList.append sharqi_peninsula gpm_cq 32
mapList.append strike_at_karkand gpm_cq 32
mapList.append kubra_dam gpm_cq 32

i aded +loadLevel gulf_of_oman to the command line, but i still get the error

This is my config

sv.notEnoughPlayersRestartDelay 15
sv.startDelay 15
sv.endDelay 15
sv.spawnTime 15
sv.manDownTime 15
sv.endOfRoundDelay 15
sv.ticketRatio 100
sv.roundsPerMap 3
sv.timeLimit 0
sv.scoreLimit 0
sv.soldierFriendlyFire 100
sv.vehicleFriendlyFire 100
sv.soldierSplashFriendlyFire 100
sv.vehicleSplashFriendlyFire 100
sv.tkPunishEnabled 1
sv.tkNumPunishToKick 3
sv.tkPunishByDefault 0
sv.allowNATNegotiation 0
sv.autoRecord 0
sv.demoIndexURL http://
sv.demoDownloadURL http://
sv.autoDemoHook "adminutils/demo/rotate_demo.py"
sv.demoQuality 1
sv.adminScript "default"
sv.timeBeforeRestartMap 30
sv.teamRatioPercent 100
sv.radioSpamInterval 6
sv.radioMaxSpamFlagCount 6
sv.radioBlockedDurationTime 30

sv.serverName "mmmmyesss"
sv.welcomeMessage "Welcome"
sv.svPunkBuster "1"
sv.useGlobalRank "1"
sv.useGlobalUnlocks "1"
sv.votingEnabled "1"
sv.voteTime "90"
sv.minPlayersForVoting "2"
sv.allowExternalViews "1"
sv.allowNoseCam "1"
sv.hitIndicator "1"

sv.maxPlayers "32"
sv.internet "1"
sv.serverIP ""
sv.serverPort "16567"
sv.gameSpyPort "17067"

any help is apreciated


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