[bf1942] BF Conversion - Project AutoMap

Atomm Nihilo - Gamers Radio atomm at gamersradio.com
Wed Jun 29 12:04:47 EDT 2005


 Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I am amazed at how short
sided they are on the issue of custom maps. This is a broadband game.
What's a 50Meg file from a fast redirected server? I really wish they
would give us the ability to do this, then let us worry about the bandwidth.

Everyone else,

 I envisioned a system exactly how Unreal Tournament 2004 works. It
redirects to a web server, downloads the content and installs it, then
launches the game. Hell, I've downloaded mod content this way. It's
nothing to download 10Meg in a matter of a few seconds. Then again, Epic
was nice enough to give admins a simple to use Web interface to manage
their server without the need of silly tools and frameworks. I wonder
why no one else picked up on this.

 Oh well, I have come up with another plan. It may not be autodownloads,
but I hope server admins will pick it up and run with it. More details
after I get everything worked out.


Atomm Nihilo

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