[bf1942] How to test high ping kicker is working

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
Wed Jun 29 08:54:21 EDT 2005

i found out why it wasn't working without the modified admin script

in def init()


   if not getSettings():
      returnto   getSettings()
it will make it work

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> Nicolo Tüllmann wrote:
>> Hi @ all
>> ok i have make all waht he say on his side.
>> I edit the script so
>>  admin/standard_admin/__init__.py
>> import autobalance
>> import tk_punish
>> import bf2cc
>> import pingkick.py
> It seems SomeOne(tm) made a typo when writing those instructions. It
> should read
> import pingkick
> (not pingkick.py)
> Does that modification make it work, or is it still refusing? If so, try
> to remove the line with "import bf2cc" and try again. Maybe there is
> some sort of incompatibility between the two that we don't know about?
> Einar

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