[bf1942] The game is popular! :-)

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Wed Jun 29 07:11:03 EDT 2005

Steven Hartland wrote:
> That last graph is way cool what did u use to make it?

We use Cacti (http://www.cacti.net/) to monitor all our gameservers.
Cacti logs the data to rrd-files, and uses that to make plots. In the
background of Cacti is Tobias Oetiker's RRDTools, which is the real
workhorse of Cacti.

Cacti is relatively limited in what plot commands can be specified, so
in order to make this specific plot, I decided to use rrdtool directly.
I can give you more detailed info if you are interested :)


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