[bf1942] The game is popular! :-)

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Tue Jun 28 21:59:07 EDT 2005

At that load ur servers will more than likely be lagging like hell.
A dual 250 can just deal with 2 * 64 players much more and it
will not be happy :(

That last graph is way cool what did u use to make it?

    Steve / K
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From: "Panic" <panic at battlefield.no>

> Hey good people :-)
> I've had a good day today. We introduced two new dual Opteron 250 with 4GB RAM, running five GF2-servers (3x64 and 2x32) to our 
> community today. That was on top of the 2x40 retail servers and the 1x64 and 3x32 servers we allready had. And I with the 
> exception of one of the servers, they have been FULL all evening!
> It's allmost humbling to have a hobby that serves so many people...
> Anyway, just felt like sharing our happy moment. Breaking the 600 limit was...way cool! And I *really* hope the linux-server 
> gets patched soon, and that the lag problem on big servers get sorted out. Because if it is, the sky is the limit with this 
> game!
> GG Dice, and good luck to all fellow server operators out there! This is it... :-D
> -Frode aka Panic, Battlefield.no
> P.S. Some screenshots:
> http://www.battlefield.no/bilder/statgraphs/arkiv/2005-06-28_qstat_record_604_players.jpg
> http://www.battlefield.no/bilder/statgraphs/arkiv/2005-06-28_bf2_servers_442_of_500-limit.png
> http://www.battlefield.no/bilder/statgraphs/arkiv/2005-06-28_players_all_day_big_594.png
> P.P.S. I'm working on an "in-game admin" script btw. Hope to release it this weekend. So Andreas: Please add the CD key hash to 
> the bf.PlayerManager.Player object in an early patch.... :-) 

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