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Atomm Nihilo - Gamers Radio atomm at
Tue Jun 28 20:08:46 EDT 2005

This was just posted to PlanetBattlefield. Looks like we are on our way
to working website stats!

The programmer KuranesGrey has been working on some Python Code that
will allow stats to be displayed on a website. This is still early on
but worth mentioning!
This CGI is a proof of concept showing how to make BFHQ data visible
on the web. My hope is that others will pick this code up and develop
cool community tools. For more information and the code, please download ( or read
README.txt ( See also (, someone
else's PHP implementation. Includes extra notes on meanings of data items.
You can see it in action in an early state by clicking here

Atomm Nihilo
Head Lunatic

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