[bf1942] Server-update update

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at dice.se
Tue Jun 28 08:25:47 EDT 2005

I totally agree, the game would benefit a lot if we could use the
competence of the people here more. You already have helped out with a
lot bugs!

I've had some people asking if the ranked servers will be updated as
well, and the answer is yes :)

This update does not include any other bugfixes, those will be included
in the patch we are working on.


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Thanks for the update andreas. Im sure ur as irritated by the situation
as the rest of us :(

As we have found out, EA really don't have the skill set / resources to
test this in a timely manor.
Releasing to the list would not only give them qdos with the communality
and hence potentially increased sales, it would give then access to
people who can and will find any issues quickly. People here run
servers day in day out and they know exactly what to look for and
how to report issues.

I remember when bf1942 server was released Andreas F released
a number of patches to us very quickly and that resulted in a stable
server much quicker than any internal QA testing could possibly have

It would be a very good idea for the peps at EA to consider doing
the releases to the list flagging them as BETA then people know what
to expect. If all goes well then do a full release. They can even
to test internally while we test externally.

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