[bf1942] PB lagging game..

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Mon Jun 27 10:20:18 EDT 2005

My thoughts exactly..

As I recall, Microsoft's Allegiance stopped being supported after a time,
and the community put together its own servers ect..  (still out there

I am not sure whether they had MS's backing or not..  but then again, this
is release week, and we couldn't quite get away with something this quick..
(they would call their lawyers no doubt)

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David Stevens wrote:

>This might explain why the ranked servers are so laggy..
>What would be really nice is "local" rankings..
>But that would screw up EA's profit model.... Wouldn't it/

We have access to the code, And we can im sure mod the python to check a 
local DB to grant unlock access, hell we can even point our clients to a 
server using host files. So what if EA blacklists us, we can point our 
clients to a different master server the the community maintains.

There are two kinds of gamers in this community, clanners and pubbers, 
they dont get along niceley and im sure the clanners wouldnt mind 
fucking around with unlocks, even if it means they cant play on EA 
servers and cant "dominate" the pubbers, that really is not that much 
fun abyway =Þ

One game, two complete sets of master servers, ranking servers, users 
and admin.

We will conquer the world pinky!


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