[bf1942] How to test high ping kicker is working

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Mon Jun 27 04:03:15 EDT 2005

There's no console command to check this, but you should get some stuff
in your log (the location of which should be specified in your
adminsettings.con file).

Things to check:
1. Did you make an adminsettings.con file in the same dir as your

2. Does it contain the following lines:
bfno.debugLogEnabled 1
bfno.debugLogFile "/path/to/adminlog.log"
bfno.udpLogEnabled 1
bfno.udpLogHost "localhost"
bfno.udpLogPort 29500
bfno.highPingAutoKick 1
bfno.highPingLimit 20
bfno.highPingWarnings 3
bfno.highPingCheckInterval 30
admin.port 4712
admin.password "whateveryouwantreally"

3. Does your standard_admin/__init__.py contain these lines:
import pingkick.py

When the server starts, you should se stuff like this in the log:
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] Logging enabled
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] Starting rcon on port 4712
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] initializing default admin/rcon module
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] initializing autobalance script
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] initializing tk-punish script
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] PINGKICK: initializing pingkick script
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] PINGKICK: Enabling kick for high ping: 20/3
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] PINGKICK: Interval set to 30
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] PINGKICK: Timer not enabled. Enabling...
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] PINGKICK: Time = 30.0
[2005-06-27 01:02:03] standard_admin/__init__.py done
( some more stuff....)
Then, once the game starts, the following should appear every 30 seconds:
[2005-06-27 01:02:27] PINGKICK: Running checkPing

Parts of this logging will be lost if you don't have g_debug set to 1.
Locate python/bf2/__init__.py and change the line which says g_debug = 0
to g_debug = 1, and you'll get lots of logging info to your logfile.

Hope this helps!


Andrew Armstrong wrote:
> Is there a console command to check the high ping kicker is working?
> Its not binding the admin port I specified in the settings file nor is
> it starting up as I expect it to, its very confusing.
> - plasma

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