bf2 rcon php script

Joe sechon at
Mon Jun 27 03:42:08 EDT 2005

Right off the bat, I have to say I'm not sure how risky this is as I don't
check any data coming in from the forms, it's intended to just be a starting

A few notes - All three files have the same declarations in them. I intend
to create a config file and include it in the future. I'm just very content
having a working php -> RCON connection! I can work the rest gradually now.
Having a ranked server, we're fairly limited what we can do so... Gotta do
what ya can! bf2cc has no way to restrict user access yet and instead of
holding my breath on that junk I'd much rather use firefox..heh. If I knew
some kind of gui language at all I think I'd have a nice remote manager!

A big note, and maybe a bf2 rcon bug: When the player list is requested,
it's cut off way early on the first output. In my script I request it twice
and combine the strings to get the correct player list.

It's a complete mess, I already know! ;] If you do anything cool to it, I'd
be interested in seeing it as well.


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