Linux ded Fix and Stats Script

Rüdiger Webmaster at
Mon Jun 27 03:24:12 EDT 2005

Hello @ all,

I am searching for a greats Battle stats script for Battlefield 2.
I want to display the gamers name and his detailed score. This should
functionate for all players which have been connected to the gameserver and
reached a minimum of 50 Points.
Any ideas, links or something else?

I have got an linux dedicated server, but there are still several problems.
The fix of comment out host.gl_sendEndOfRoundData(dataString) does work, but
only 2 times of mapchanges. After the third mapchange, the server crashes
again. Clients get the message "Connection problems...". Sad about that. I
hope Andeas will soon release a new version of linux ded. server or send us
as fast as possible a hotfix... a really hot expected one ;o)

Sorry, because of my bad english. If you find mistakes, you can take them

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