[bf1942] Dumb Question #1 (Ranked Servers)

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Mon Jun 27 00:38:52 EDT 2005

I have a bit of hearsay here.

I hear that first off, EA is not allowing anyone else to sell ranked servers
at this time.

As well, I hear they have a "Licensing fee" attached to hosting ranked
servers.. (at some exorberant price)

The longer they stay in business, the more they find ways to tick me off.

0 population in our very low ping server most of the time because of EA's
ranking system..  Even with all the crap lag, and noobs playing, people
still flock there.

Anxiously awaiting the mods.

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Ok, I've been on the list for a bit, paged through the archives and here's  
my dumb question #1

If I want to offer ranked servers to my customers, who do I need to  

Please begin flaming below :)

Mike "DaiTengu" Miller
151 Hosting

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