[bf1942] ConsoleSendCommand event

Forrest Thiessen thiessen at alum.mit.edu
Sun Jun 26 15:24:22 EDT 2005

Martin Steiger wrote:

>>In endofround.py, they have
>>host.registerHandler('ConsoleSendCommand', onSendCommand)
>>onSendCommand has a debug print in it which never gets fired no matter
>>what you type into the server console. Anyone shed any light on what
>>you need to do to fire it off?
>Afaik, prints in the python scripts are "real debug prints", means, you
>never see them (since you have no console when you started the game)... If
>you redirect the output to a logfile instead of STDOUR or STDERR, you
>should be fine... See the BF2-Wiki, section "BF2 debugging"...
Agreed; but there also seems to be another issue, though: I have yet to
hear of anybody getting *any* events registered for with
host.registerHandler to receive callbacks.  There's some trick we're
missing. . .

Anybody figure it out, yet?


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