[bf1942] Disconnecting after every round

Jon Wolberg jon at defenderhosting.com
Sat Jun 25 21:19:03 EDT 2005

If you think this is bad, just wait till you see what they have in store for 
the ranked server patch due out before june's end ;)

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>I agree it sucks, but it's for "security". Why not just restrict what 
> stuff can be done to where security isn't an issue? Meh.
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> Huh? You must be kidding? We received some ranked 32-bit Linux files
> from EA, and we can change just about anything in there. At least I was
> able to add the pingkick-script I mentioned in another message/thread to
> the standard_admin directory. But then again: It turns out that our so
> called "Ranked" server files don't turn up as ranked in the ingame
> browser, so there may be something else that's fishy here.
> However, if running ranked servers means that we won't be able to even
> make our own admin-scripts, then I think we need to go have a chat with
> EA... I won't believe this is the case until I see it with my own eyes -
> it's just too stupid. Servers w/o admin scripts will suck by definition.
> Einar
> Joe wrote:
>> It does change a feature of the game (map changing).. ;)
>> Our ranked we have access to the Settings folder and that's it 
>> completely.
>> No way for us to even fix the autobalance or insert our own. Ain't it
>> great??

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