BF2 VOIP Partially Broken

dackz lists at
Sat Jun 25 20:20:35 EDT 2005

On my Linux retail server I've noticed that VOIP seems to work 
inconsistently between people. For instance PlayerA is talking over VOIP 
to his squad, but only PlayerB and PlayerC can hear him and PlayerD 
cannot. Then PlayerC talks and only PlayerB can hear him. Then PlayerD 
talks and no one can hear them, yet everyone has their microphone 
settings properly configured.

I was looking through the mailing list archives and noticed something 
about VOIP servers not binding to IPs properly, but I'm not sure if they 
were referring to the standalone version or if they were even referring 
to BF2. I am running the server on an IP that isn't the machine's main 
one though. The machine's internet IP is x.x.x.1 while the IP we want 
the BF2 server to bind to is x.x.x.2. I have sv.serverIP and 
sv.interfaceIP set to the latter.

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