[bf1942] We REALLY need the BF2 Python API

Cameron cameron at aberdeenlanparty.co.uk
Sat Jun 25 20:08:53 EDT 2005

you got to be kidding. you will wait months for them. Since when will 
eagames do anything thats in the interest of server admins? I havent seen 
any evedence that they really give a shit how much we support their product. 
after all we are only here to supply servers for Noobs to play on till they 
are ready to play on real servers

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> Panic wrote:
>> ANYTHING is better than nothing. Scans of notes scribbled
>> on napkins are better than nothing. So "someone" (yeah,
>> Andreas, I'm talking to you...hehe) PLEASE help us out here.
> I completely agree. Debugging our code and figuring out how things
> really function is a lot of hard work at the moment. I can see why Dice
> and/or EA wouldn't want to release an API documentation that isn't 100%
> correct and typed up in a professional manner, but seriously: Even
> scanned handwritten notes about the API would be most heartily welcome
> at this point! We would of course realise that the documentation isn't
> 100% correct, and that would be okay with us since it would in any case
> be so much better than what we have now (i.e. nothing) :)
> I think it would not only be beneficial to us server maintainers and
> coders, but it would also gain Dice/EA. For instance, take the case of
> kicking players for high ping. Many people are complaining about
> foreigners with very high pings on our servers. We are therefore
> currently writing a script to kick high-pingers. Making such a script
> would greatly improve the players' satisfaction with our servers, but it
> is really hard to do since we don't have any kind of documentation. The
> Python interface seems to be really nice, and it will enable us to
> administer the servers very well, thus causing players to thrive and EA
> to make money - if we just had some docs to simplify the coding process!
> So please please please: Dig out your handwritten notes, your LaTeX
> files, your Word documents, whatever you have, whatever language they're
> written in, however bad your handwriting is, and make them available to
> us! We PROMISE we won't make a fuss if they're not 100% up to date since
> they will be so enormously helpful anyways :)
> Einar
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