[bf1942] Freebsd rehashed

Charles "wokka" Goldsmith wokka at justfamily.org
Sat Jun 25 13:15:52 EDT 2005

Well, I'm limited to bsd 4.xx right now...  I'll go up to 4.11, but I'm 
not switching to 5 anytime soon

any idea what kernel changes Steve did?

Michael Ressen wrote:

> Dave Snodgrass wrote:
>> I always found debian_base worked better than rhbase - Anyone tried it?
> -snip-
> Yeah, I could never get BF to run right on BSD 5.x on the RH base. 
> Debian worked like a charm, although 5.x needed a little kernel patch 
> Steve did to solve the zombie processes.
> /BA

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