looking good place to buy 1U Opteron Servers....

Brigham Stevens brs at vikingmind.com
Thu Jun 23 19:57:29 EDT 2005

Just wondering if anyone on this list has an online store to recommend
in the USA for buying servers.
Also, if you know of a good hosting provider I'm interested. I would
prefer a colo in the Seattle area, but I'm flexible!

I've been leasing dedicated servers from my current provider but they do
not offer any Opteron servers and I'm hankering for a 64 player BF2 server.

I've been looking at the servers for sale on this site: (found ad on google)

And the funny thing is they have some 10,000+ servers (5U quad proc
Opterons) with a price of $0.0 and it let me put it in my shopping
cart... ahhaha but I'm assuming they would catch the problem, or they
are simply out of stock... I don't know the hokey shopping cart kind of
makes me nervous.

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