[bf1942] Bugreport: Servercrash

Brian Hughes b-hughes at widgnet.com
Thu Jun 23 15:46:46 EDT 2005

Just for reference am getting exactly the same crash with the retail version
(not surprised tbh). Any ideas of when fix may be likely and/or any


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From: Andreas Andersson [mailto:andreas.andersson at dice.se] 
Sent: 21 June 2005 13:05
To: bf1942 at icculus.org
Subject: RE: [bf1942] Bugreport: Servercrash

Thanks for all your input on this, the callstack-info is really

I'm looking into it right now. We will release the fix in a patch later,
I can't say when atm.


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From: Brian Hughes [mailto:b-hughes at widgnet.com] 
Sent: den 21 juni 2005 03:08
To: bf1942 at icculus.org
Subject: RE: [bf1942] Bugreport: Servercrash

I have the same issue, any resolve on this at all?

For reference here is my GDB data...




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From: VU Admin [mailto:admin at viribus.de] 
Sent: 19 June 2005 17:52
To: Andreas Fredriksson
Subject: Re: [bf1942] Bugreport: Servercrash

Hello Mailinglist,

On Sunday, June 19, 2005 @ 16:25 Andreas Fredriksson wrote:
> On 6/19/05, Christopher Kunz <chrislist at de-punkt.de> wrote:

> This will help the DICE people out a lot ;-)

I can send you the core dump file, if you need this also.

Greetings, Mic.
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