[bf1942] Disconnecting after every round

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at dice.se
Thu Jun 23 12:36:42 EDT 2005

Right, we have sorted it out now. The build without this issue is being
sent to EA now, it should be released soon!

Thanks again for all your help!


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Glad you were able to reproduce it, what is theversion number of the 1
were using, a couple of us did notice the difference in version numbers 
between the demo server and this 1.

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I just reproduced the bug here!

I have been trying all day with the installer we have here, and failed
to get it. But then I tried downloading it from
I got it right away!!!!! Must be some difference with the one released
and the one I have here.... I'll have it fixed as soon as I can!

Sorry about this,

And thanks for all your help!


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From: VU Admin [mailto:admin at viribus.de]
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> Could you perhaps try 1.2.2 on your end and see if the bug is still
> there? The clients all use 1.2.2, maybe something got updated in
> that made them incompatible? I admit, it doesn't sound very likely,
> it would be nice to rule this out!

We running Debian stable, where zlib is also 1.2.2.

Greetings, Mic.
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