[bf1942] Lag

Patrick Scott pscott at extremesims.com
Wed Jun 22 18:53:52 EDT 2005

Jon, interesting news. As I said, no slam was intended.

I've also played on a few server with weapons unlocked. Is this still  
against the rules? (Not ranked servers)

On Jun 22, 2005, at 6:51 PM, Jon Wolberg wrote:

> I've gotten the same reports on our ranked servers, as well as  
> EA's, and another providers.  I can tell you that we have dedicated  
> machines doing ranked servers with more than enough idle  
> horsepower, so it's nothing on our side.
> Jon
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> Subject: [bf1942] Lag
>> I have played on a handful of ranked servers, and it's exactly as  
>> I suspected. They are laggy beyond belief, and every player on  
>> the  servers was complaining about the same thing. I suspect - and  
>> this is  no slam against anyone on this listserv - that those GSPs  
>> that could  afford whatever EA demanded are going to oversubscribe  
>> their servers.  It's what happens with every game, and this one   
>> is no exception. It  might be noted that the average gamer thinks  
>> that the game itself  sucks - a note, EA, that bad player  
>> experience reflects on EA, not on  the GSP.
>> Someone noted that it's the clans that run the best servers,  
>> since  it's a labor of love.

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