[bf1942] Reserved slots?

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Wed Jun 22 12:56:20 EDT 2005

James Gurney wrote:
> On 6/22/2005 9:44 AM, ScratchMonkey wrote:
>> Like logging, this is going to need to be a 3rd party add-in. Check
>> the BF2CC forums and the BFProg list for work in this direction.
> I don't really see how this can be done via Python. You need some method
> to prompt users to enter a password, and to stop people joining the
> server when there are no "public" slots open. The latter may be
> possible, but I can't see how the password prompt can be done without a
> change to the client code.

Much better solution: Use the keyhash for verification of community
members/admins etc. This of course requires that we can change the code
which lets people on the server...


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