[bf1942] What to do with core dumps (was: Punkbuster)

[JiF]Mike jif at mike3d.net
Tue Jun 21 14:48:13 EDT 2005

Wow, great info!  One thing though, my version of gbd doesn't seem to
recognize 'show threads'.  However 'bt' really did help, my problem is
definitely related to PunkBuster.

(gdb) bt
#0  0x404837bd in sv_doClientRelatedChores () from
#1  0x40432a61 in sv_generalHousekeeping () from /home/games/bf2/pb/pbsv.so
#2  0x403b0162 in sa () from /home/games/bf2/pb/pbsv.so
#3  0x084a5e41 in stPbSv::ProcessPbEvents(int) ()
#4  0x084a54a8 in PbServerProcessEvents ()

See how long it stays up now though.  Thanx again for the info.  -[JiF]Mike
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> run GDB on them like this ..
> gdb -c <corefile> ./bin/ia-32/bf2_f
> change ia-32 to amd-64 if using amd64 processor

And then issue the "bt" (backtrace) command to get a dump of the stack. 
That should give a clue to what the actual problem is.

(Does this program have multiple threads? It may be necessary to list the
threads, select each in turn, and issue bt on each one.)

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