[bf1942] Bugreport: Servercrash

Rumblefish rumblefish at combat-hq.de
Sun Jun 19 06:30:15 EDT 2005

i have the same error, if the server updates the time, the bf2-server 
allways crashs with this message
the error is on both versions of server, retail v1.0.2442.0(x86_64) and 
in the demo v1.0.2446.12(x86_64)

linux kernel: bf2_f[1826]: segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 
00000000004c0bc9 rsp 00000000401ff7c0 error 6

using SuSe 9.2 x64 / kernel 2.6.8-24

VU Admin schrieb:

>Hello Mailinglist,
> I didn't read similar to this here before.
>Andreas (and anyone here on the list off course),
>can you please confirm that the Demo-Server is crashing if the time of the
>server is changed?
>I found this, because our servers crashed every 6 hours after ntpdate
>Using Debian/sarge Kernel 2.6.8.
>Greetings, Mic.

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