BF2 Technical Information Wiki

Forrest Thiessen thiessen at
Fri Jun 17 12:48:26 EDT 2005

There's been some discussion on this list about creating a wiki that
could serve as a community repository of technical information about
BF2: for example, port usage, Python scripting, and so on.  Based on
past experience, game developers/publishers generally (with one or two
notable exceptions) don't provide anywhere near as much information as
the community really wants or needs; a wiki has been proposed as a great
way to close that gap.

Well, I really would like to see such a thing happen, and am in a
position to help, so I've decided to bite the bullet and jump in: I've
created a (nearly empty) wiki at

To the extent that people think this would be useful, please
contribute!  It's a wiki, which means that anyone can edit
anything--please have at it!  If you're not familiar with wikis, please
be assured that they really do work--even though anyone can change
anything, there is is a full change log with revert capability (also
accessible to anyone).

The wiki uses MediaWiki software, which was created for and is used by
the Wikipedia project (  MediaWiki has lots of
useful features, including the ability to export everything, which
someone asked for.


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