[bf1942] punkbuster (was: BF2 demo: Random freezing)

Luke luke at techfreak.org
Fri Jun 17 11:33:05 EDT 2005


Is there any documentation we could get from EvenBalance on the BF2 PB
settings and config files? I would be happy to put together a config file
(to test), but I have no idea what settings this version of PB shares with
other games, etc.

there is no documentation on the EvenBalance site (hey, I know its early!)
so Im wondering if you guys might have something.


Luke said:
> To be honest, I am not a PB expert - and there are ususally a lot of
> settings that can be tweaked. I am hoping that EvenBalance releases some
> documentation for BF2 or that someone on this list who is more experienced
> with PB can offer some insight.
> Otherwise, I am going to add this to my server, enable Pb and see how it
> goes....
> Luke
> ScratchMonkey said:
>> --On Friday, June 17, 2005 7:47 AM -0500 Luke <luke at techfreak.org>
>> wrote:
>>> Teh 'basic' fix for COD was to
>>> write a config file called 'pbcl.cfg' located in the PB folder and
>>> enter
>>> 'pb_sv_CvarWalk 0' - this elliminated the connection interrupts for
>>> COD.
>> I'm guessing that disables PB's check that program variables aren't
>> being
>> messed with at runtime. Is there a way to just reduce the priority
>> without
>> disabling it altogether?
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Blessed are the geeks: for they shall inherit the earth.

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