AW: [bf1942] connection interrupts?

Andreas Andersson andreas.andersson at
Fri Jun 17 05:34:39 EDT 2005

We have not seen that issue here. But I don't doubt that you are correct.
Are you running on a 32 or 64 bits machine when this happends?


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Thanks for the confirmation.......

We can probably fix this with a PB config fille - thats what did it for
COD and other games. Let's see if I can come up with something.....

Can anyone else confirm that PB causes periodic connection interrupts on
their servers? It would be great to be sure that this is the issue....


Sascha said:
> Well we got this problem too, its an issue with punkbuster, if you turn it
> off everthing is running fine.
> Any fix from EA??
> The drama continues....
> Sascha
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> Guys,
> Some of my players are getting periodic 'connection interrupt' messages -
> even though the Linux server (dual xeon 2.0 with 2 gigs of ram and a
> 100Mbit pipe) is running only 5-7 players.
> Could this be a PB issue? I remember how in COD PB with the stock config
> file caused periodic lag.
> Any ideas? Comments?
> Luke
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