[bf1942] BF2 Python list?

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Fri Jun 17 05:19:43 EDT 2005

I haven't used any personally on a regular basis, but I often see mail
headers in forum threads indicating list participation..A quick google lead
me to http://www.mail2forum.com/ (pretty cool!). There's many others I'm
sure as well..This one started development ~3 years ago in a phpbb.com (a
very popular forum package) forum thread. ;)

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Joe wrote:

>And to add fuel to the topic, there are packages that provide both
>in one..
It might be helpfull to know, which package you are talking about Joe ..
Anyway, I'm in for BF2 python server side-programming. My primary
interest is in game server management (e.g. reserved player slots, admin
management etc.) and to a lesser degree stats.

With kind regards,

Anton Jansen

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