Incoming ports for BF2 ?

Per Kristiansen per at
Thu Jun 16 07:01:06 EDT 2005

has anyone done some research on this, and PLEASE don't just
post a link to
as it is a bit..fubar'd

take a GOOD look at the "official" list and notice that there are a couple of strange things there.
several ports are liste twice and so on.

I believe that this list is made by somone that has mixed incoming/outgoing ports.


after beating around the bush for info I did some firewall logg snooping on my own.

but I want some second opinons, here is my findings:

TCP 4711,3389,24031
UDP 1452,2812,16567,29900,55124,55125

And a strange one:
UDP 29910 connection attempt from (

Per Kristiansen
per at

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