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I agree, a lot of gamers just want a level playing field type of gaming with
all the features of the game they bought enabled. But this is simply
impossible from EA's point of view. They want people to view the game in a
MMMORPG kind of way. My view is that this changes the principle of the game
which was that everyone was equal. I think these exclusive unlocks are an
unbalancing force and unfair to casual gamers.

Assuming BF2 1.0 (that went gold two weeks ago) is the same as the demo in
terms of Python, then the mods people are doing now will work with the full
game. However, from what I have been told by Ben smith of EA, any server
that uses a server side mod to enable unlocks will be removed from the
server list. I imagine if they can figure out a way to stop people from
joining direct to IP they would, or they will change the way the py scripts
work to stop people from doing this. 

EA's position is that the only mod they will allow is a client/server mod
which has rebuilt the 'unlock' weapons from scratch. 

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Personally, before I buy the game just as a player, I want to make sure I 
will be able to find and play on servers with the weapons all 
unlocked.  From beginning to end, I am profoundly turned off by the idea of 
having to "earn" better weapons when I just want to jump on a server and 
game for a few hours.  And I believe that my blend of hardcore/yet casual 
is probably a very common type.

At 03:58 PM 6/15/2005, you wrote:
>I understand why they did this for the demo, although labeling all admins
>'part of the hacker community' was totally over the top. And did you notice
>how they used this as another excuse not to make the ranked server
>to dedicated server managers (they just slipped that in). The whole EA
>propaganda machine with this and previous statements is trying to get the
>message out  there: EA Ranked Servers Good, all other servers evil.
>The bigger problem is the future of server side mods. This unlisting policy
>will go forward in the real game. We have this cool python thing, so what
>can and cant we edit?  There are no guidelines...so will EA continueally
>just use the crude method of banning servers as they find something they
>don't like, or will they give us some guidelines?
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> > If EA does not wish to have weapons unlocked, that is their perogative.
> > If they wish a 12 min time limit that is also their perogative.  It is
> > their code.
> > What will happen from this is you will end up with many people not
> > bothering to buy the content to play the "mini-release" .
> >From a marketing standpoint, it would be much more effective to leave the
>unlocked time-unlimited servers going until release day, then politely
>request that all admins running demo servers reinstate the limits, or be
>de-listed. That way we all get to play the game we've preordered for the
>next week and then everyone who hasn't preordered is severely addicted and
>forced to get the real game to go back to unlocked time-unlimited play.

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