Another angle

Adam Hobbs adam.hobbs at
Wed Jun 15 04:40:30 EDT 2005



I been reading all the mesaages posted through this list from the 
release.  I really am starting to get a feeling that most of the private 
servers are being run by 15 year olds that just don't have a grasp on 

Clearly EA released the demo as it did for a reason.  It is just that - 
a demo.  It is supposed to let you see what the game will be like so you 
can make a decision on purchasing it.

What has happened is everyone has rushed off trying to turn the limited 
demo into a mini release of the full game. 

If EA does not wish to have weapons unlocked, that is their perogative.  
If they wish a 12 min time limit that is also their perogative.  It is 
their code. 

What will happen from this is you will end up with many people not 
bothering to buy the content to play the "mini-release" .

Once the full game is out you will be free to play with just about 
anything configwise, so long as you do not unlock all weapons without 

I struggle to see why everyone is so uptight about the demo.  I laugh my 
ass off at those people who have cancelled their preorders in spite.  
Your going to miss out on some of the best gaming yet seen online.

Bottom line here:  EA have asked not to mod the demo.  Yes they made a 
bo-bo with the linux release (no EULA).  Toe the line for another week 
or so till the full release of the game, then start experimenting a 
bit.  Once the full release is out you won't need to mod things in the 
way that EA doesn't like and this will all be a non-issue.  Remember, 
the first offence bans are short.  Ride it out and get on with adding to 
the community.  The comunity is bigger than just EA and server admins.


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