[bf1942] Ban email

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Wed Jun 15 00:35:29 EDT 2005

Swapped uncommented/commented but close enough. ;)

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just submitted..

EA: BF2 server configuration is "hacking"

EA has started <a 
href="http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/625/625301p1.html">banning</a> IPs of 
privately hosted BF2 demo servers from the Gamespy public server list if 
the servers were changed to remove demo-specific time limits and 
restrictions on in-game weapons that EA wanted to keep exclusive to 
their in house servers.  The catch?  The changes in question were simple 
settings in the server's python server config files that only had to be 
uncommented to be used, and there was no EULA or TOS distributed with 
the Linux server to violate <a 
a user on the EA Games UK public forum</a>.

Joe wrote:

>I second that.
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>Joe wrote:
>>Broadbandreports and many other sites are running front-page mentions of
>>this horsecrap. Maybe that will get EA's attention..
>Someone get this up on Slashdot.

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