Banning "zero ping" servers, too!

ScratchMonkey ScratchMonkey at
Tue Jun 14 20:29:51 EDT 2005

More from the community announcement:

> Zero Ping Server and other Server Issues
> Many players have noticed a large number of servers that are listed as
> having zero ping. This is most likely appearing because the server is not
> passing vital information to GameSpy's Master Servers, and this in turn
> can occur when vital ports are blocked by a firewall. Since these servers
> have been causing some initial issues with our Internet Browser parsing,
> we will begin to delist servers that are not passing this information to
> the Master Server. In the meantime, to ensure that your server remains
> listed for all users by GameSpy, please make sure that the following
> ports are open on your firewall and ensure that you have no manually
> changed any of the demo server's settings that are not exposed in normal
> config files.
>       Server Ports
>       UDP 	27900
>       UDP/TCP 	29900
>       TCP 	80
>       TCP 	4711
>       UDP 	27901
>       UDP 	1500-4999
>       UDP/TCP 	1024-1124
>       UDP 	29900
>       UDP/TCP 	27900
>       UDP 	16567
>       UDP 	55123-55125

Perhaps we should firewall the master server and depend on word of mouth 
and 3rd party browsers to get players? Frustrated newcomers will find the 
12-minute servers and regard this game as a bad buy (canceling their 
preorders), and the old timers will know to check forums for good servers 
to play on.

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