[bf1942] information on ranked servers

[RNGD]Tyrant tyrant at rngd.net
Tue Jun 14 20:08:36 EDT 2005

It is impossible to 'join' their ranked server system

Initially EA were going to be the sole source for ranked servers, but now
they have extended the leasing system to additional people. All the servers
that are leased will be the 'perspace' kind and not allow ftp or root
access. In addition you will not be able to turn off the server and load a
mod or even password it for a clanmatch.

Art of War recently announced they are one of the 'trusted providers' and
will be charging $6/slot/month

As of now EA refuse to consider any solutions for those who have dedicated

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Did EA post anything about ranked servers?  Like how to "join" their 
ranking program, how much it would cost, details, etc?  Could someone 
point me to some docs for this stuff?  Thanks.

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