[bf1942] Modding v Hacking

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Tue Jun 14 19:19:03 EDT 2005

Then how about fucking telling us about it before banning our server 
IPs? I still can't believe this mentality. The community servers are 
what drives the long term popularity of a game.. The people who run 
these servers devote their time, effort and money to helping make a game 
do well.. and in return we're now getting treated like 3rd rate script 
kiddies. How about an ounce of respect in return? That's not much to 
ask, is it?

The right thing for EA to do at this point is declare amnesty. Remove 
all blacklists, give people a couple of days to remove the "mods" and 
then start adding people to a blacklist if they still want to.

I know one server admin doesn't exactly carry any weight with EA, 
especially since they've already shown they couldn't give a crap about 
us, but for what it's worth, I'm taking our servers offline.


On 6/14/2005 3:59 PM, [RNGD]Tyrant wrote:
> I have had a long exchange of emails with Darren and Ben about this. It is
> interesting (and this isn't the first time) that they actually say different
> things. For example Darren seemed OK when I suggested some unranked servers
> may want to run server side mods that tweak python scripts and offer unlocks
> to all. 
> Ben Shut him down and sent this to both of us
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> We don't want any mods including the unlocks.  If they build their own
> version of the weapons, and I mean completely from scratch, that's a
> different thing entirely.
> However, simply "unlocking" the items through the server or pulling the
> content from the zips and including DICE's art for the weapons in a mod will
> be a no-no.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Here is more semi-official word from EA:  http://www.bf2world.net/

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