[bf1942] Ban email

Luke luke at techfreak.org
Tue Jun 14 18:05:22 EDT 2005

I love the reply from the kid asking if running in 800x600 mode is a hack
as well???!?!?!?


Ohhhh how I cant stand EA. Why oh why would DICE team up with these
marketing nightmares?
(ooops. Probably get my IP banned now. Or, maybe I'll be forced to only
use a .45 loaded with 1 round. Or, worse, forced to use my credit card to
rent a server from EA and label it 'I love EA - play here and sing with


ScratchMonkey said:
> Apparently an email was sent from EA explaining the ban:
> <http://forum.eagames.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=878>

Blessed are the geeks: for they shall inherit the earth.

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