[bf1942] Server good, client bad.

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Sat Jun 11 14:15:13 EDT 2005

Joe wrote:
> Plain and simple, the lack of shader support. If you don't wanna upgrade,
> you can't play the new pretty games that rely on that technology you lack.

Granted, but my AGP bus is only 4x, so even upgrading the card won't get 
me much more than 5-10% performance increase, and that's only in the GPU 
speed, cause the motherboard can't handle any more video bandwidth.   So 
spending 250-350 on a new card to garner that kind of improvements 
doesn't make sense when the existing system and card runs so well as it is.

Best scenario for me is if and when I decided to build a new game rig, 
and since 80% of my gaming time is spent with other games that run great.

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> I got the server running, seems to be pretty nice - quick startup, seems
> stable, but I can only allow 4 players due to my bandwidth lol.
> Can't even run the client due to obscene Nvidia requirements.   Needing
> a 5800+ or FX card just to run seems to be a bit extreme.   My older
> Ti4200 isn't supported, despite it still runs stuff like BF:V clean and
> smooth as can be.   Plus these clunky Nvidia drivers blow compared to
> the starstorm ones I was using.    Nice way to cut out a chunk of users.
>    No way I'm buying a new card just to run this game.
> GG dice.
> /BA

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