[bf1942] You have a newer version then the server"

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Fri Jun 10 18:52:34 EDT 2005

My god, please, that can't be, are you guys going to make us to not be able
to run a server for all the weekend?

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so we wont have a linux version this weekend?
is that what they are saying?
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>> Hey Guys,
>> A quick note to all of our community leaders and file
>> partners. We inadvertently released an out-dated Linux
>> version for today's Battlefield 2 Demo Server. It is
>> imperative that you not make this available on your web sites
>> and that you let people from your media outlets know not to
>> host it for download or run demo servers with it. We will
>> follow up early next week with a version that works.
> That blows...hats off to EA on another intelligently planned launch...
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